Teater Exces

Straat- en bewegingstheater Teater Exces VZW, Ledebergstraat 75 Gent


The compelling nature and motion game of some of the fish people.
A dynamic "high legs" fish man with in its wake a bully fish, a salamander fish or a horny fish, together making the environment unsafe.
The supervisor tries to restrain his fish people during the 'walk".
If you are not following his instructions, it can get out of control.
Loeki, the bully fish, is jealous of everyone and makes her name worthy.
Speedy, the stilt fish is proud and spits on a regular basis to other living creatures when she feels a threat, but sometimes she also wants to be caressed.
Funny interactions, colorful costumes and body paint.
Young and old are strongly grasped by the beautiful and fairy-like game of the fish people.
This dynamic street theater production may also be asked without a supervisor.
Pure poetry.
Suitable for street theater festivals, parties, receptions, graduations and others.


It is the same as "Fish people in love", but the fish people have their own aquarium. On regular base they leave the aquarium to break out between the public.


1 Fishpeople in love: one or more fish with the keeper
2 Ballet or the Fishpeople: one aquarium + one or more fish, possibly with keeper
The organizer can choose from the various types of fishpeople or a fish with the keeper.


Sushi the unemployed a rather lazy fish
Skibby the horny fish, always seducing people
Loeki the bully fish makes her name worthy
Eufrasie the salamander. Most of the time she sticks to the window but she also explores the environment
Speedy a joyful dynamic high-legged (stilt)fish with a lot of surprises
    this beautiful sea demon will touch you by her soft song
    blind you by its beauty
    catch your breath by her elegant "flexibility" and high-quality motion game
    she is dreaming... but she confronts you and looks through you
    she moves between the aquariums and has interaction with the fishpeople.

    The Guard:
    the supervisor tries to restrain his fish people during the 'walk"
    sometimes he's distracted by 'Skibby'
    in an uncomprehensible jabbertalk he explains the public what to pay attention to during their visit to the aquariums.

This production won first prize of the press and the first prize of the public for the Ghent Events parade in 2001 and played on the park festival of Hannover in Germany.

For specific requests contact the secretariat

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Ballet of the fishpeople (= 1 aquarium + fish)
One actor is always a fish
At two actors this can be: one or two fishes or a fish and a guard (keeper)
At three actors: three fishes or two fishes and the guard, etc.

1 actor 2 actors 3 actors 4 actors 5 actors 6 actors 7 actors
1 appearance 650 800 950 1100 1250 1400 1550
2 appearances 850 1000 1150 1300 1450 1600 1750
3 appearances 950 1100 1250 1400 1550 1700 1850

The specified reference prices exclude copyrights an royalties and exclude transportation costs (0,50/km back and forth from Ghent) and VAT (6%). Starting from 5 actors/employees, we come with 2 cars.