Teater Exces

Straat- en bewegingstheater Teater Exces VZW, Ledebergstraat 75 Gent


A children and family play divided in a parade, a part at the caravan to wath and an ending parade.
It starts with the colorbreeder who tries to bring colour to three white figures. From the beginning of this playful performance, kids are involved in it and they?re invited to walk in the parade with the figures, direction colour machine (in the style of Miro)
Their arrival is followed by a funny choreography. At a certain moment the white figures disappear in the colour machine (a transformed caravan). The kids can pull the lever, the machine starts to tremble, coloured smoke appears and suddenly a blue figure appears on stage. Later on, yellow and red follow.
The three basic colours can now be mixed (the educational part of this production)
Via an interesting and magic game, purple, green and orange appear. They dance together with the children and finally they start the ending parade with the enthousiastic kids in their wake.

Technical specifications

To put all of the decoration we need a surface of 7m x 3,5m
Electricity 1x16A


Colorbreeder: the bringer of color and joy to life, the optimist
Red: the rose, ruler of all, blood of life, bringer of fire, color of passion and love
Yellow: sunflower, laughter, glee and warmth. Without yellow no fun
Blue: air and water, base of life, tranquile and serene, without rest we are nothing
Purple: the magician, loud, huge and proud, color of power, authority and wisdom
Green: landscape, symbol of life and hope, without green all animals die
Orange: health and strength, vitamines, sensationally beautiful, colors the sky with sunrise and sunset

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4 actors
1 appearance 1150
2 appearances 1400
3 appearances 1500

The specified reference prices exclude copyrights an royalties and exclude transportation costs (0,50/km back and forth from Ghent) and VAT (6%).