Teater Exces

Straat- en bewegingstheater Teater Exces VZW, Ledebergstraat 75 Gent


Two people looking like they just stepped out of a Bruegel painting walk through the streets, each carrying a bench on their back. Every now and then, they put down their benches next to a wall or a statue...
For many years, "Hebban olla vogola" was believed to be the oldest surviving specimen of the Dutch language. The text, written by a West Flemish monk, dates from roughly the third quarter of the 11th century. The opening line reads as follows: "Hebban olla uogala nestas hagunnan hinase hi (c) (a) nda thu uuat unbidan uue nu", which translates as something like: "All the birds have started making their nests, except you and me. So what are we waiting for?"
The two figures with their benches don't seem to be all that smart; they just keep repeating the first part of the sentence, "Hebban olla vogola?" However it soon becomes clear what they have in mind: something the visitors will find out for themselves when they are invited to sit on the bench.

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2 actors
1 performance 700
2 performances 850
3 performances 900

The specified reference prices exclude copyrights an royalties and exclude transportation costs (0,50/km back and forth from Ghent) and VAT (6%).