Teater Exces

Straat- en bewegingstheater Teater Exces VZW, Ledebergstraat 75 Gent


By demolition of the environment a specific section of the population was subjected to a number of changes. These mutations will revert to the original instinct and respond on their environment very spontaneously.
The Hybrids live in mysterious green cocoons. These have their own motion game and able the Hybrids to move and breathe. For the Hybrids the cocoons are a nest from which they depart for a persistent search in a new environment.
All of this colorful creatures study on their journey..., therefore, they hold up a mirror to the public that will recognize themselves in the most primary shape with a variety of feelings.
The body of a Hybrid has freakish roots and grains, symbolizing the plant.
The presence of veins is a symbol for the animal and human aspect.
"Hybride Verte" of Teater Exces was already guest in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Thailand, Hungary and Japan. After more than 17 years, "Hybride Verte" stays a very strong theater production and a well-tasted street act.
Within a harmonious color palette, the characteristics of humans, plants and animals appear.
Within this concept, discrete motion structures and poetic costumes closely interlink.
The Hybrids have a poetic and humorous interaction with the public.
Suitable for street theatre festivals, annual festivals, fairs, stylish entrance-acts, promotions, company parties.

Teater Exces achieved several first prizes with "Hybride Verte", including the "Gentse Feesten parade" in 1996 and "Donderdag Meppel day" in 1997.
A "high-flier" from Teater Exces.

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HYBRIDE VERTE (30 - 45 min)

1 actor 2 actors 3 actors 4 actors 5 actors 6 actors 7 actors
1 appearance 550 700 850 1000 1150 1300 1450
2 appearances 750 900 1050 1200 1350 1500 1650
3 appearance 850 1000 1150 1300 1450 1600 1750

The specified reference prices exclude copyrights an royalties and exclude transportation costs (0,50/km back and forth from Ghent) and VAT (6%).