Teater Exces

Straat- en bewegingstheater Teater Exces VZW, Ledebergstraat 75 Gent


Availeble early april

Fruitig is a street theatre production based on the work of the Italian Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo (ca. 1527-1593)
The decor for the production mainly consists of a bench with a mysterious wall behind it
Beside the bench, a few of Arcimboldo's figures are brought to life by actors (tableaux vivants)
Because their arms and heads can move, they can communicate with each other and the audience
When the figures come alive, they interact with unsuspecting visitors and invite them to take a seat on the bench
But the bench itself turns out to be more than just a lifeless piece of furniture: it conceals a few unexpected surprises
? In a sudden flash of surprise, our photographer captures the visitors' amazement on film

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3 actors 4 actors
1 appearance 1110 1260
2 appearances 1260 1410
3 appearances 1410 1560

The specified reference prices exclude copyrights an royalties and exclude transportation costs (0,50/km back and forth from Ghent) and VAT (6%).